About HZF

Stichting Hadja Zoubida Foundation (HZF) is a non-profit organization established in honor and loving memory of Hadja Zoubida, a beloved person and mother. The founders of HZF are her descendants. The foundation’s core mission is to pass on her great virtues and build on her legacy of compassion. By sharing her vision of embracing socially vulnerable people in a caring and respectful way, we aim to empower them towards a better future.

Who was Hadja Zoubida?

The late Hadja Zoubida Rouhi-Noudari (1939-2018), was born in Marrakech, Morocco. She grew up in a long-established family just outside of Marrakech. In the early 1970s, she and her children moved to Europe. Throughout her childhood, she looked after most of her siblings and therefore unfortunately could not attend school.

Despite her own illiteracy, she made every effort to encourage her offspring and relatives to participate in a continuous education and personal learning process, alongside nurturing ones social responsibilities. Furthermore, she always had an eye for fragile people from all walks of life – be it small children, the elderly, or the disabled. She believed it was her responsibility to help them in any meaningful way, even long after she herselve started suffering from a variety of health issues.

Which core values defined Hadja Zoubida?

Five virtues that were inextricably linked to Hadja Zoubida now form the basis of our foundation- which are:

  • Modesty

  • Sacrifice

  • Perseverance

  • Compassion

  • Open-minded

What is the mission of the Hadja Zoubida Foundation?

Folllowing in Hadja Zoubida’s footsteps, the foundation’s objective is to:

  • Improve the position of infants/children who live in unfavourable circumstances, especially with regard to financial or social opportunities.

  • Promote the wellbeing of the disabled and orphans, endorsing the facilitation of health care and daycare for them.

  • Stimulate (access to) education for children who need broader support.

  • Support the wellbeing of the elderly/seniors by sponsoring health care facilities and projects