Orphanage project

In October 2018, as a first, small-scale project, the Hadja Zoubida Foundation donated goods (in-kind donations) to an orphanage/nursery in Marrakech: Creche Issil of the organization La Ligue Marocaine pour la Protection de l’Enfance.

The donations were made with the help of wonderful friends and family members. Over the months, we have received a variety of goods, ranging from clothes, shoes, toys to books etc. These items were packaged in various parcels and sent to Morocco.

In addition, the orphanage put together a list of several grocery items it required which were also donated in-kind.

Following our donation, which was received with great joy by the orphanage, now that the corona crisis is (almost) over, we are making preparations again for donating goods to an orphanage / daycare center in Marrakech.

Through our network we have found many people willing again to help with the initiative to donate goods to orphans in Morocco on behalf of HZF.

On behalf of HZF, we would like to thank Mrs K.H. from A. for her efforts. Through her network she has found people willing to knit nice baby clothes. These clothes can certainly be put to good use during the cold months in and around the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. In addition, she has also donated many so-called comfort blankets through her relations that can keep the orphans nice and warm and provide comfort.

We will provide an update on the HZF website when these donated items have been delivered to the orphans in Morocco (expected Feb 2022).

See below a small photo compilation of the knitted clothing and comfort blankets.

Project Details

  • Project Start: October 2018

  • Location: Marrakech, Morocco